The first all-in-one Generative NFTs platform powered by AI and Blockchain

Entropy Art AI aims to empower Generative NFTs by leveraging the advantages of DAO and tokenization to provide a community-driven, and AI-powered platform whereby all stakeholders are incentivized to curate and exchange value.

The Solution

NFT Creation Tools

Powered by AI

Unlimited art collection by leveraging AI techniques on an all-in-one user-friendly platform.

  • Non-technical setup.
  • Create Generative NFTs with AI in minutes.
  • Consolidate automatically in-app.
  • Stored immutably Generative Artworks on the Blockchain.
NFT Fractionalization

More Liquidity

Additional liquidity and flexibility to NFT ownership by enabling fractionalized NFT collections.

  • Automate Stake NFTs in Smart Contracts.
  • Instantly Access and Trade token on DEXs.
  • Set the Ask Price & mint an amount of ERC20-compliant Shares.
  • Get incentives within the Entropy ecosystem.
Art Launchpad

Early Access

Empowers Artists launching projects to raise funds and increase their reach across the Entropy ecosystem.

  • Fundraising Feature – Art Project and community support.
  • Pre-ordered and custom artwork at an early stage.
  • Access to Premium NFTs.
  • Gamification as airdrop and early-bird rewards.
NFT Marketplace

Collect & Exchange

More incentivization and extra exposure to NFT Artists and Creators.

  • Integrations with multiple wallets: MetaMask, Coinbase, and more.
  • Multi-Chain NFT Trades: Polygon, Fantom, BSC, and more.
  • Near-zero transaction costs.
  • Supports ERC721 NFT token standard.
  • Oracle Integration supports crypto-to-crypto transactions directly.

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Polygon Studios is the investment
arm of Polygon Foundation
Entropy Art AI Officially received
a grant from Polygon Foundation
Exnetwork Capital
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